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News from the GRCA European committee

Updated: Mar 29, 2018

First of all, we would like to congratulate Popkollo, Sweden, who celebrate their 15 year anniversary this year! Last Saturday, members of the GRCA Europe committee (representatives from Ruby Tuesday – Berlin, Loud – Norway, Rock Donna – Finland and Stelpur rokka – Iceland) had the honour to join their amazing festival at Nalen in Stockholm, as well as taking part in a panel discussion on the GRCA and different rock camps around the world. A truly inspiring day and evening. Thank you Popkollo for spreading the joy and revolution for 15 years! We also managed to squeeze in some meetings and planning, as there are some very exciting projects ahead. The European Committee‘s grant writing team has handed in an Erasmus+ Youth in Action application to carry out the project Music Empowerment Mobility and Exchange, which includes an International Youth Rock Camp in Berlin July 2018 and a conference for organisers and volunteers in Serbia in september 2018! Stay tuned - more information coming soon!


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