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MEME project leaders attend training week on quality in youth worker exchanges in Bonn, Germany

Auður Viðarsdóttir from Stelpur Rokka and Maebh Murphy from Ruby Tuesday e.V. recently attended a week long SALTO training course in Bonn, Germany to support youth worker mobilities under Erasmus+.

As you may know we are planning for the Music Empowerment Mobility & Exchange project and are currently waiting on funding decisions about this (fingers crossed). We gathered some feedback on our application and are cautiously optimistic about our chances. However even if this project does not get approved, we are developing medium to long term plans for how to build the network of youth empowerment and music projects in Europe and neighbouring countries through future exchanges, volunteer exchanges and job shadowing.

We have some new knowledge about quality and processes and some new attitudes about decision making power and youth participation that we are excited to share with everyone and put into practice.

The application process for both campers and leaders at the Youth Exchange is open until mid-April and each rock camp is handling the process individually - some of you have been involved since the start and applying is only about gathering information. We will look at the overall picture based on information given in application forms so that we can form bands, organising and documentation teams.

The following organisations are participating:

Femix / OPA (Serbia) (hosting seminar & network exchange) Fundacja Pozytywnych Zmian (Poland) Girls Rock Dublin (Ireland)

Girls Rock London (UK)

Girls Rock! Finland

LOUD (Norway)

Pink Noise (Austria)

Popkollo (Sweden)

Ruby Tuesday (Germany) (hosting rock camp youth exchange)

Stelpur Rokka! (Iceland) (lead partner)

Stowarzyszenie Kobieca Transsmisja (Poland)


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