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GRCA Europe works to connect and gather European girls rock camps. GRCA Europe is an informal group, existing since 2011, connected to the US charity Girls Rock Camp Alliance (GRCA).
What is GRCA?
GRCA is an international coalition of organizations whose shared mission is to empower girls and women using the tools of music education to foster self-esteem and confidence. To this end, the GRCA promotes, strengthens and expands services provided by its affiliated camps. GRCA provides resources and networking opportunities for its member camps and promotes the establishment of like-minded institutions worldwide.

How does GRCA Europe work? 

GRCA Europe has its own committee consisting of representatives from European member camps. Every 2-3 years a European conference is held to provide a place for skill-building, resource-sharing and community for the European camps. The conferences are arranged by the committee along with the host camp(s). Past conferences have been held in Malmö, Sweden (2013) and Vaasa, Finland (2015).

Core values

  • We value the power of music as a means to create personal and social change

  • We value efforts that actively expand opportunities for girls and women

  • We value positive approaches to fighting sexism

  • We value integrity, honesty and respect

  • We value appropriate sharing of resources, cooperation, and collaboration

  • We value using our collective voice to further our mission

  • We value diversity

European committee 2020

Dora de Goederen (Austria)

Maebh Murphy (Germany)

Emilia Englund (Finland)

Selena Semic (Serbia)

Marzena Kocurek (Poland)

Rossella Bottone (Ireland)

Sara Kasonen (Finland)

Sofie Søndervik Sæther (Norway)

Kate Whitaker (UK)

Francine Agbodjalou (Sweden)

Anka Gorska (Poland)

Björk Sigurdsdóttir Lamhauge (Faroe Islands)

Auður Viðarsdóttir (Iceland)

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