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MEME Vol. 2 Announcement

Presenting MEME Vol. 2 Music Empowerment Mobility and Exchange - A Youth Rock Camp Exchange in Iceland in August!

MEME stands for: “Music Empowerment Mobility and Exchange” and is a collaborative European project which empowers youth to engage in music making and community building. The project is co-funded by the Erasmus Plus Youth programme of the European Union.

This year, 12 different rock camp organisations across Europe will launch the second edition of MEME, following last year’s successful MEME project.

In August 2019, the Icelandic rock camp organisation Stelpur rokka! will host a week long Youth Rock Camp Exchange in Iceland, supporting 60 young people and over 30 leaders and volunteers active in music empowerment across ten countries, to come together, learn instruments, form bands and exchange around community organising and media making.

MEME Vol. 2 is led by: Stelpur Rokka (Iceland), in partnership with sending organisations: ATEM (Germany), OPA / Femix (Serbia), Fundacja Pozytywnych Zmian and Stowarzyszenie Kobieca Transsmisja (Poland), Girls Rock Dublin (Ireland), Girls Rock London (UK), Girls Rock! Finland and Rock Donna (Finland), JM / LOUD (Norway), Pink Noise (Austria) and Popkollo (Sweden).


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